Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

Inscop Research SRL is one of the most respected Romanian sociological research companies.Its studies have been published in thousands of articles by Romanian and international media, in national and international official reports or academic journals. INSCOP Research SRL team has an in-depth experience of more than 20 years, applying quantitative and qualitative methodologies and techniques. INSCOP Research SRL has conducted studies for commercial, political, academic and international clients.


The Polling Company Inc. is a national-regarded American primary research and consulting firm based in Washington D.C. Established in 1995, The Polling Company Inc. has a track record with a broad base of clients that have sought research and counsel on a variety of projects, by offering a wide range of primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative consumer-centric research services, including polls, focus groups, media management, and alternative, cutting-edge research technologies.


Inscop Research SRL and The Polling Company Inc. have decided to conclude a mutually beneficial partnership to contribute to the effective developmentcooperationin:

  1. Identifying new customers,
  2. Carrying out complex sociological studies,
  3. Refining the methodologies of data collection and analysis,
  4. Strengthening the national and international reputation of both companies.


Inscop Research SRL and The Polling Company Inc. will support each other in conducting sociological studies in Romania and other countries in the region and the United States of America.

Inscop Research SRL will provide The Polling Company Inc. the opportunity to enter the Romanian market within the framework of a partnership that will fully benefitfromInscop’s experience gained on the local market.

The Polling Company and Inscop Research SRL will jointly identify the set of innovative methodologies developed in the United States that can be applied on the Romanian and regional market under the limitations of the European Union regulations regarding the access and use of personal data.




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