Products and Services

Inscop offers a wide range of quantitative and qualitative products and services, that are addressed to both the general public and the business sector:

  • Quantitative studies/research  (national, regional or local level)
    • public opinion polls on various topics of interest
      • we collect data through both door-to-door (face-to-face interviews) and online surveys
      • the control of the data collection process is achieved on the field and by phone verification of the responses obtained. We strictly supervise the way the rules of sampling are applied.
      • the research reports include methodology details, conclusions & recommendations and various analysis: charts / tables of relative or absolute frequencies, analysis of socio-demographic variables (gender, age, education, occupation, income, residence, historical region, etc.), associations / correlations between items in the questionnaire.
    • Studies on consumer purchase behavior
    • Population segmentation studies
    • Impact studies: campagins, messages, brand change etc
    • Marketing research
    • Customer satisfaction studies
    • Studies on employee job satisfaction and engagement
    • Organizational studies (comunication, organizational culture)
  • Qualitative studies/ research
    • Mystery shopper- employees, departments, section, sales areas evaluation; compliance procedures
    • Focus groups –in depth analysis of various topics of interest conducted with experts or other population categories segmented by different criteria
    • Individual or group interviews, with predifined structures or open questions

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