Population’s Consumption & Services National Index, INSCoP INDEX

The Population’s Consumption & Services National Index or INSCoP INDEX aims to be a reference point for the population’s periodic assessment of the country’s economic situation and public services.

The accurate assessment of the population/consumers’ trust in public services & products and the the way individuals / communities relate to the public institutions’ activity and market developmentsis an essential information for shaping public policies, production processes or marketing strategies.
The analysis of data collected from different social realms using similar instruments is very useful for comparison purposes, but in order to better understand the social profile of each society we need an instrument that encompass indicators adjusted to the local cultural universe, values and norms.

Population’s Consumption & Services National INSCoP INDEX includes both an index that assesses public services and an index that assesses the population’s consumption. The main objective of the INSCoP INDEX project is to assess the quality of public services, to monitor the population’s consumption behavior and to create a synthetic index/indicator regarding the state of the nation.

INSCoP INDEX’s general objectives:
– to predict major changes, especially those with a potential negative impact, in the quality of public services and in the economic system, in general
– to assess the government’s activity from the population’s perspective, so that public services can be adjusted in accordance with the public interest
– to identify the mainpatterns and trends concerning the public services sector and the population’s consumption behavior
– to explore the life styles and the standards of living of the Romanian citizens

Population’s Consumption and Services National Index INSCoP INDEX provides an integrated measuring product, helpful in an equally way to the public sector and also to the private sector. The added value of research is provided by the integrated measurement of the two indexes and by the use of tools which combine the need for comparative data or any data specific to the Romanian society.

Public services are at the heart of strategies for social inclusion and for economic and social cohesion. They provide the conditions for a competitive and they improve the standards and quality of life.

The social needs of individuals, groups and communities are met through public services, which in turn generates consumer products, purchase goods and services.

There is a need for an accurate assessment of how public services meet the social needs of citizens and hence rapid assessment and continuous public service activity.

The way the people perceive the public services and the economy, be it at the macro level – national or micro level – the household is very important. Depending on the measurement of these perceptions, state institutions and private economic agents will be able to think, to calibrate and to build public policies and strategies for entrepreneurial development.
Through the questions addressed to the population and to the households the Population Consumption and Services National Index INSCoP INDEX optimally exploits gathered information and then builds an index for the general state of the nation.

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