About us

INSCOP Research is a private company of social and marketing research, established in 2013.

INSCOP Research experts have experience of more than twenty years in sociological research, public communication, political science and academic activities.

Today, INSCOP Research is one of the most active and respected polling company in Romania. It is a company that has rigorous ethical standards, recognized for the quality and impartiality of its products.

INSCOP Research’s studies are quoted in thousands of articles in Romania and worldwide, in national and international official reports, in prestigious Romanian and international think-tanks reports, or academic journals.

INSCOP products are based on a rigorous research methodology, extensive networks of experienced field, telephonic, or online operators, and experts specialized in complex data analysis.

INSCOP Research has a unique capacity of disseminating the results in the public space, through event planning and mediatization of the results, according to the needs of its clients and exclusively on their demand.

INSCOP Research collaborates with national and international partners that have a proven reputation and provide a high degree of accuracy for the results of our researches.

In 2018, INSCOP Research – România şi The Polling Company – SUA concluded a partnership for supporting each other in conducting sociological studies in Romania and other countries in the region and the United States of America. The two companies collaborate to develop a set of innovative methodologies.

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