16 April 2021 – TEK DEEPS: AUR surpassed USR-PLUS in the preferences of Romanians. The party in the first place

TEK DEEPS: GOLD is increasingly higher in the preferences of Romanians. The political party led by George Simion overtook the USR-PLUS party and came in third in voting intentions, according to an INSCOP poll in March. More at: https://tekdeeps.com/aur-surpassed-usr-plus-in-the-preferences-of-romanians-the-party-in-the-first-place/

31 March 2021 – STIRIPESURSE: INSCOP survey: 55% of Romanians believe they have been exposed to fake news in recent months

STIRIPESURSE: Most Romanians believe that they have been exposed to fake news and misinformation in the recent months, according to an INSCOP survey sent to AGERPRES on Wednesday. More at: https://www.stiripesurse.ro/inscop-survey-55prc-of-romanians-believe-they-have-been-exposed-to-fake-news-in-recent-months_1717925.html

31 March 2021 – DAILY NEWS HUNGARY: Does Hungary want to take Transylvania back?

DAILY NEWS HUNGARY: According to a new public survey, the vast majority of Romanians feel they are considered “second-class citizens” in the European Union. At the same time, almost half of the people asked think that the objective of Hungarian policy towards their country is “to break Transylvania away from Romania”. More at: https://dailynewshungary.com/hungary-wants-to-take-transylvania-back/

29 March 2021 – AGERPRES: INSCOP Survey: Most Romanians agree they are seen as ‘second-class citizens’ in the EU

AGERPRES: A majority of Romanians (78.2%) believe they are perceived as “second-class citizens” in the EU, according to an INSCOP poll released on Monday. The survey reveals that 78.2% of the respondents agreed with the statement that “Romanians are seen as ‘second-class citizens’ in the EU”, 20.4% disagreed with the statement, and 1.4% did not […]

22 March 2021 – AGERPRES: INSCOP survey: Most Romanians believe country needs to move towards West in terms of alliances

AGERPRES: The majority of Romanians (81%) consider that the direction towards which the country should move in terms of political and military alliances is the West, that is the EU, USA, NATO, according to an INSCOP survey sent to AGERPRES on Monday. Pentru mai multe detalii: https://www.agerpres.ro/english/2021/03/22/inscop-survey-most-romanians-believe-country-needs-to-move-towards-west-in-terms-of-alliances–682741

22 FEBRUARY 2021 – HEADLINES MANIA: Energy Market Freedom: 60% of consumers say they do not have enough information about choosing a supplier – Research – Energy

HEADLINES MANIA:  A referendum conducted by the INSCOP Survey, between February 8-17, 2021, at the request of the Mental Energy Community, shows that many Romanians do not have enough information about the feasibility and procedures for electing an electricity supplier after January 1, 2021 One and a half months after the independence of the energy […]

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