18 April 2016 – THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Nicolae Ceausescu’s legacy reconsidered amid nostalgia for communism in Romania

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: A 2014 INSCOP Research poll — the last credible survey that asked the question — found that about 60.5 percent of Romanians believed they lived better under communism. But that nostalgia doesn’t reflect Romanians’ real political leanings, Mr. Ciupala said. Romanians don’t want to return the communists to power. For more details: […]

19 April 2016 – ENTERPRISE NEWS: The Latest: EU told to admit more Turks or migrant deal dies

ENTERPRISE NEWS: A poll shows a large majority of Romanians do not want migrants settling in the country, and opposition to them is growing. The INSCOP survey found that nearly 85 percent of Romanians questioned expressed a negative opinion about migrants and refugees moving to Romania. Institute director Darie Cristea told The Associated Press Tuesday: […]

19 April 2016 – THE ROMANIA JOURNAL: 48 pc of Romanians say that eventual union with Moldova should be made through simultaneous referendums

THE ROMANIA JOURNAL: Almost half of Romanians believe that the country’s eventual union with the Republic of Moldova should be made by referendums held simultaneously in two states, reveals a survey conducted by Inscop research. Pentru mai multe detalii: http://www.romaniajournal.ro/48-pc-of-romanians-say-that-eventual-union-with-moldova-should-be-made-through-simultaneous-referendums/

13 April 2016 – NINE O’CLOCK: INSCOP poll: Number of Romanians preferring technical gov’t to political gov’t, declining

NINE O’CLOCK: The number of Romanians preferring a technical government to a political one has declined, according to findings of an INSCOP poll released on Tuesday. Pentru mai multe detalii: http://www.nineoclock.ro/inscop-poll-number-of-romanians-preferring-technical-govt-to-political-govt-declining/

13 April 2016 – AGERPRES: INSCOP poll: Over 80pct of Romanians would not pick corruption charged, convicted candidates

AGERPRES: More than 80 percent of Romanians say they would not vote for someone who is charged with or convicted of corruption in this June’s local elections, according to findings of an INSCOP poll released on Wednesday. Pentru mai multe detalii: http://www.agerpres.ro/english/2016/04/13/inscop-poll-over-80pct-of-romanians-would-not-pick-corruption-charged-convicted-candidates-13-04-50

13 April 2016 – STIRIPESURSE: More than 50 percent of Romanians are interested in local elections / INSCOP

STIRIPESURSE: More than 50 percent of Romanians are interested in this June’s local elections, with 38.4 percent intending to vote the tickets of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for local and county councils and 36.7 intending to vote the tickets of the National Liberal Party (PNL), according to findings of an INSCOP poll released on Wednesday. […]

11 April 2016 – ROMANIA JOURNAL: Iohannis, Isarescu and Cioloş top the confidence rankings, survey says

ROMANIA JOURNAL: President Klaus Iohannis, BNR governor Mugur Isarescu and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos are on the top three positions in the top of confidence in public figures, according to a survey conducted by INSCOP for ‘Adevarul’ newspaper about Romania during March 21-28. Pentru mai multe detalii: http://www.romaniajournal.ro/iohannis-isarescu-and-ciolos-top-the-confidence-rankings-survey-says/

11 April 2016 – AGERPRES: INSCOP poll: Iohannis, Isarescu and Ciolos most trusted public figures

AGERPRES: President Klaus Iohannis, Governor of the National Bank of Romania Mugur Isarescu and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos are three of the public figures Romanians trust the most, an INSCOP – ADEVARUL on Romania poll conducted between 21-28 March shows. Pentru mai multe detalii: http://www.agerpres.ro/english/2016/04/11/inscop-poll-iohannis-isarescu-and-ciolos-most-trusted-public-figures-12-57-32

7 April 2016 – THE DAILY MAIL: Romanian leftists just ahead of liberals in poll before June vote

THE DAILY MAIL: Romania is due to hold a local election in June and a parliamentary election in late 2016, having been governed by a technocrat government led by Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos since the November upheaval. The survey conducted by polling institute INSCOP showed 38 percent of voters said they would support the PSD […]

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