INSCOP Barometer – ADEVĂRUL/THE TRUTH about Romania

INSCOP Research is the only polling company in Romania that has a firm, long-term partnership with the most important Romanian newspaper – “Adevarul”/ “The Truth”.

“INSCOP Barometer – ADEVĂRUL/THE TRUTH about Romania”, currently at its 23rd edition, is a sociological research project aiming to offer a profound perspective on the perceptions of the Romanian population regarding various subjects, such as historical events, cultural phenomena, public policy or international relations.

Among the topics approached in this area are the perception of other countries, terrorism, the refugees crisis, the Ukrainian conflict, the Romanian-Hungarian relations, the relation with the Republic of Moldova etc.
We have also measured regularly the public trust in international institutions such as NATO, EU, the European Parliament, IMF or the World Bank.

INSCOP Research’s studies are quoted in thousands of articles in Romania, and worldwide, (Reuters, Washington Times), national and international official reports (Romanian public institutions reports, European Commission Country Reports), think-tanks reports (Center for European Policy Analysis –CEPA, etc), academic journals.

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